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Artisan Soap - The Wellerman Scent - Medium Grit

Artisan Soap - The Wellerman Scent - Medium Grit

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The Wellerman: Embark on a sensory voyage with The Wellerman's resolute aroma. It starts with bright, herbal bay leaf, warms with aged rum, finds a spicy edge with clove, and trails off in a woodsy musk, each scent crafting a tale of heroic maritime exploits.

Medium Grit, 5oz Bar.

"Soon may the Wellerman comeTo bring us sugar and tea and rumOne day, when the tonguing is doneWe'll take our leave and go"

Step into the world of The Wellerman, a distinguished soap bar for men curated with the essence of the 1800s sea shanty era. This exceptionally crafted natural soap revitalizes and reinvigorates the soul, mirroring the ceaseless spirit of the mighty voyagers of centuries past.

Set sail ⛵ on a sensory journey with The Wellerman's steadfast aroma. The expedition commences with radiant, herbaceous bay leaf 🍃, warms up with smooth aged rum 🥃, introduces a spicy turn with bold cloves 🔥, and concludes in a trail of woodsy musk 🌲. Each scent narrates an epic tale of heroic seafaring adventures.

Allow your senses to be awash in the bold, enchanting melody of this olfactory sea shanty – featuring a harmonious dance between the zesty whisper of bay leaf, the robust warmth of rum, and the vibrant heat of clove. Each invigorating lather will awaken your senses, filling your heart with courage and an unyielding pursuit of life's endless horizons.


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