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The Wandering Merchant 

Coleman Rogers

Owner/ Operator


268 11th Avenue, Hanover, Ontario. 

N4N 2R3


The Wandering Merchant is a manufacturer,  distributor and retailer of premium, exclusively Canadian grooming & personal care, Pet care, Apparel, Candles & More. Owned and operated by Coleman Rogers 

Launched officially on July 1st in 2020 on a foundation of quality products and quality people. All products MUST be manufactured 100% in North America and all artisans / companies MUST be Canada based or are removed from my shop.

Upon choosing a product I spend anywhere from a week or two up to over a year testing everything from shelf life when opened to short and long term results etc depending on the product.

If and when the product and maker pass my testing I reach out again for a final conversation before ordering. 

Now I'm proud to deliver a wide selection of exceptional products from a range of exclusively Canadian companies & artisans. Local, sustainable, tested and premium quality.


Got questions? Call or text me! 519-374-9500 


The Wandering Merchant 

Carefully Curated, Exclusively Canadian