Info For Vendors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor in my shop. I know you put a lot into your products, and I put a lot into mine and maintaining very specific standards in my store. Please read below to find out if you qualify to apply as a supplier. 

Anywhere from one month to up to a year (time varies depending on the product) is required to test products before I consider placing an order / putting them into my shop. 

I also have a few contingencies / questions for every potential supplier such as;

Everything must be made in Canada. Ontario is even better. Down to the packaging if possible.  I understand with some things this is physically impossible (imported oils etc)

A bit more info about you and your company to make sure you're a good fit for my brand and shop as well, just a bit about your story and how you got where you are now / why you're an artisan.

Products to sample. I have a lot of SKU's and people trust my opinion and that what I have in stock will be high quality. I personally test every single SKU and that's a huge part of why people trust The Wandering Merchant brand. This means I require potential vendors to send products for me to test. Testing includes but is not limited to overall comparison of product, price and branding to similar products. Extended use and short term use effects, shelf life and more.

Due to scaling and increased offers from suppliers I no longer order samples for testing or place a purchase order in general until after this process - assuming products pass. If you'd like , the cost of sending good for application as a supplier can be written off as an advertising/ promotional cost on the back end.

Any vendor samples, information or anything for testing purposes or related to vendor applications can be sent to

Coleman Rogers /

The Wandering Merchant,

268 11th Avenue, Hanover, Ontario,

N4N 2R3. 

Please email or contact me at 519-374-9500  if you have any questions!


MAP / AP- Manufacture Assured Pricing / Assured Pricing.

All retailers of any and all product purchased via or branded to The Wandering Merchant are subject to AP protection.  Retailers will receive pricing information upon order or inquiry and must maintain minimum prices of the listed MRSP / MSP. 

Thank you.

Coleman Rogers,

Owner & Founder,

The Wandering Merchant


*Please read section 5 of my terms of service page "Section 5: Products Or Services" if you are interested in becoming a vendor as this section includes my Conflict Of Interest Policy and other important information*