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Arrowroot Charcoal Deodorant - Black Cherry

Arrowroot Charcoal Deodorant - Black Cherry

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LATHR natural deodorant with probiotic and charcoal is formulated without toxic harsh chemicals, allowing it to be gentle on your skin. With odour control, sweat absorption, and antibacterial properties, this natural deodorant offers several potential benefits for individuals looking for a healthier option.

Black Cherry: Get ready to smell super sweet—Natural Charcoal Deodorant Black Cherry is here! This luxurious deodorant boasts a black cherry scent profile that'll make your armpits a fan favourite. Rich cherry with an amber undertone? Yes, please! Feels like paradise.

Size: 75g (2.65oz)

If this is your first non aluminum pit stick, then it might take a few days to a week for your body to totally detox all that crap from your pits. You could feel a slight tingling, could be more wet than normal and/or have stronger odour.
Aluminum and all that other not good for you chemicals actually plug your skin pores; not allowing them to function as normal. Reapply if needed for the first week or so.


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